A poem in Basic Pilish
Mike Keith, 2004



This poem was written under the Basic Pilish constraint (follow the link for explanation of the rules of this constraint) as a result of a challenge on confiction.orgRecall that in Basic Pilish a "1" digit must always be represented by a one-letter word, which presents some challenges when there are several small digits in a row.  In the first 218 digits of π (which this poem spans) we have to deal with both a "211" as well as a "111".


The four lines in italics follow a secondary constraint: each one is a line of iambic pentameter.




For a time I stood, relishing my autumn night.
Amy hated wordless nighttime walking intensely
  and so had strutted home dourly.
"I'm rather cold," she had muttered, "and so…goodbye."

Welcoming night surrounded me; lukewarm droplets fell.
I continued walking. I passed gentlemen
  and derelicts wandering the streets alone.
I considered their fortunes, my misfortune.

Reviewing various past incidents
(lost love, women discarded,
  my old residences, careers, comrades)
I walked past mysterious alleys to
  suddenly arrive at Blackwood's Bookshop.
Dignified bookworms searched stacks of inviting paperbacks.
And then, suddenly, my stare met hers.

"Quickly, sweetheart, softly! Outside!"

Strangely enjoying it, I went,
  somewhat bewildered although surely happy.
I sat so silently as she approached.
Coming closer, then bending delicately alongside,

  she tenderly said,

This strong, pronounced technique which style constrains
Shall delegate to me, now I believe,
An earth for loves unleashed like hurricanes;
Herewith I do innately this perceive.

"I…I…," I giddily said again, resembling an absolute fool.
I spluttered, "I'm awfully ridiculous.
  I apologize for babbling again."
So I (a blithering idiot) spoke, while everybody stared.

"Hush, hush! Listen up! Go instantly home.
Remember important stuff:
Love, integrity, art, literature," she lectured.

I entreated softly, "Your name is…?"
Suddenly, silently, a driverless limousine stopped,
  doors neatly marked "Muses Unlimited".
She was gone.