Pilish World Classics

An imaginary book series by Mike Keith


Having written several works in Pilish, such as Poe, E.: Near A Raven and Not A Wake, in which not only do the word lengths of the text follow the digits of π but so do the words in the title, it occurred to me to postulate the existence of a series of books consisting of classics translated into Pilish (with Pilish covers, too, of course).

I don't have the time to write the books themselves, but hey, I can at least create some covers.  Below are some of the books in this imaginary series.  Can you come up with others?  If so, email me the cover text and, if I like it, I'll create the cover and put it on this page (with credit to you).  It's not that easy, mostly because of the initial 31415, but I'm sure there are many more waiting to be constructed.