Some Original Palindromes

Mike Keith




Amen, Icy Cinema   [title and poem are separate palindromes]

Amen, I can!
I stop elastic ire
To see La Dolce Vita.

I moisten nose,
Sonnets I omit, evocative clod!

Ale? Esoteric?
It's ale! Pots in a cinema!

A Poem about Edgar Allan Poe:

Do get in dim salon;
   (Ah, Tesla - ever analytic!)
A Poe opacity Lana reveals:
   Ethanol as midnite God.

Overheard at the flea-market:

"Camel bible, Mac?"

"Cameraware, Mac?"

A Mini One-Act Play about James Branch Cabell

[Rodney sat.]
[Scenario: Party, no belle.]

BACONIAN:     Is Sinai no Cabell ebony trap?
O, I ran!

[End, or...?]

Some Sentences

No more Cicero, mon! [the Rastafarian has had his fill of the classics.]

"Bad arm, Delia - help me to temple!", hailed Mr. Adab.

O, Rob! Sneer, "Go, trekker, to Greensboro!"

Yawn, "O, cremate my metamer, Conway."

Olson, I won - see Saratoga repossess opera! Go, Tara, see Snow in Oslo.

Exaggerations? No, I tar egg axe.

Rot, cello collector!

Mao bore Jeroboam.

Did insubordinations? No, I tan. I'd rob U.S.N. - I did!

Freshen omelette lemon, eh, serf?

Ajar? Aha! Maybe, Dan, omelet is opposite lemonade, by a Maharaja!

Menu from the "Moor Room", a restaurant for palindromists:

Do, O Food [main course]

Tangy gnat
Koalas a la OK
La emu meal
Salad, alas

Gorge Grog [drinks]

Regal lager
Lemon o' Mel

Desserts Stressed

Sugar a Gus
Bananas an' a Nab

Literature-Related Palindromes

I emote, "Op'n, Al, La Rag De Edgar Allan Poe, Tome I."

Taken in, I say, drowsy: "Pepys?! Wordy, asinine kat!"

Now Derek can kiss Anais A. Nin, as I, an ass (I, knackered) won.

Some Entries from "Drown In Word", the (fictional) palindromic dictionary:

Evangelises:  I leg nave.
Gigolo:  Solo gig.
Dairy mayonnaises:  I annoy a myriad.
Paranoia:  I, on a rap.
Semantic:  It names.
Separatists:  I tar apes.
Pa Plato:  Total pap.